Friday, January 19, 2007

Looking for Alkaline Diet Recipes? It's easier than you think!

Looking for Alkaline Diet Recipes? It's easier than you think! by Melissa Church

Adopting a healthier way of eating with a high alkaline diet is simple when you have access to alkaline diet recipes. Finding at least 10 recipes that you like is really all that you need in order to adopt this way of eating. Most individuals and families really only need 10 good recipes that they enjoy in order to switch from the standard American diet to the alkaline diet way of eating.

Alkaline diet recipes may seem intimidating at first because a lot of them rely on unfamiliar ingredients. Most people are not used to cooking with tofu and other vegetarian protein sources. There are also a lot of alkalizing vegetables that can be unfamiliar.

However, you don't have to worry about making those things at first. In fact, there are plenty of alkaline diet recipes that include familiar foods. You just have to take the time to understand which foods are alkalizing and which foods are acidic.

How do you find alkaline diet recipes that your family will enjoy? Start by scanning over the list of alkaline foods and picking out which foods your family already likes to eat. It will be much simpler for you, and for them, to make the transition with foods they already know and love.

Build your list of recipes from the alkalizing foods that you already enjoy and already know how to prepare. As you become more comfortable with the alkaline diet recipes, you can expand your repertoire to include some of the more out of the ordinary ingredients. Many people are surprised to discover that they love kale or rhubarb, or other "exotic" vegetables and fruits, once they try them.

A lot of the intimidation with preparing alkaline meals comes from the fact that most people eat the vast majority of their foods out of a box or a can. Since alkaline diet recipes rely on fresh, unprocessed foods you'll have to get used to preparing them if you're a recovering "fast food junkie." Cooking, like all skills, takes time to learn but it isn't impossible. You'll be surprised what you can accomplish after just a few weeks of preparing your own tasty, alkalizing meals.

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